Mission Statement: The Munich Quantum Valley Initiative aims to establish Quantum Computation and Quantum Technologies in Bavaria.

To this end, the following three-point plan is being pursued:


❶ Center for Q-Computing & Q-Technologies (ZQQ)

Foundation of a Center for Quantum Computing & Quantum Technologies (ZQQ) to foster networking with industry, to develop priorities in QST research and development, and to coordinate the allocation of funding with the following priorities:

  • Support of basic research and development of enabling technologies in QST through lighthouse projects.
  • Development, realization and operation of quantum computers based on a long-term institutional funding to guarantee international competitiveness.
  • Technology transfer of results to industry.


❷ Quantum Technology Park

Establishment of a quantum technology park to provide the technical infrastructure for the development and fabrication of state-of-the-art quantum devices required for basic research and industrial applications of quantum technologies. In particular, the technology park shall provide expensive high-tech infrastructure to start-up companies.


❸ Qualification & Training

The scientific qualification and training of the next generation of quantum experts in natural and computer sciences as well as engineering. This includes the recruitment of top researchers and developers, the training and re-education of skilled employees in industry as well as targeted outreach activities to engage with the public on the opportunities of the scientific and technological revolution in the field of QST.

The Free State of Bavaria is supporting the initiative with 300 M€ in the years 2021 to 2025. Many companies in and around Munich support the initiative and are actively participating.

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