The main goal of the research activities within the Munich Quantum Valley is to develop and operate competitive quantum computers in Bavaria harnessing three of the most promising technology platforms – superconducting, neutral-atom, and trapped-ion qubits systems. In a unique holistic approach the MQV follows a "full-stack" quantum-computer model through multidisciplinary consortia developing all layers, from hard- and software up to applications.

To strengthen and complement the work of the consortia, the MQV promotes Lighthouse Projects covering the entire range of quantum science and technology. In these projects, universities, research institutions and companies from all over Bavaria are involved.

New R&D professorships will be established to further boost the work on quantum technologies, to collaborate with Lighthouse Projects and to provide additional expertise for a broad education in all areas of quantum technologies.

A close exchange with numerous companies enables an efficient knowledge transfer to industry, while industry will deliver key components for research.

These structures and partnerships are complemented by various projects funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

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