Infineon Technologies AG – Towards solving NP-hard supply chain problems with Quantum Computing

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At the Supply Chain Innovation department at Infineon Technologies AG you will explore the potential of quantum computers in the applied field of optimization problems. In a small team you will find mathematical models for optimization problems in Infineon's supply chain, apply current methods for quantum algorithms solving these as well as develop further algorithm extensions.

Infineon Technologies AG is a world leader in semiconductor solutions that that make life easier, safer and greener. Infineon develops semiconductors and systems for automotive, industrial and multimarket sectors, chip card, and security products.

In order to exploit the high potential of quantum computing (QC) for solving NP-hard supply chain problems, Infineon's Supply Chain Innovation aims to develop quantum algorithms and run experiments from small to complex on the IBM Q-System One and compare the results with quantum annealing (QA) approaches using hardware from D-Wave Systems.

More concretely, the aim of the ca. 3–6 months internship is:

  • Solve small problems of reduced complexity with QC
  • Simplify and formulate supply chain problems e.g. as quadratic unconstrained binary optimization problems (QUBO)
  • Develop and test quantum algorithms for optimization
  • Compare the results to solutions from heuristics and OR solvers
  • Propose a possible scaling of the complexity as well as the size of the problem
  • Get to know Infineon's complex global supply chain and the challenges it faces

There is also a possibility to write a master thesis after the internship.


  • You need to be located in Germany during your time with Infineon
  • Student of Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics or similar
  • Good programming skills
  • Knowledge of Quantum Information and/or Quantum Computation
  • Experience with NP-hard optimization problems (helpful, but not obligatory)
  • Good analytical thinking
  • Ability to work in cross-functional teams with different cultures from all over the world
  • Good English communication and presentation skills

If you are interested, please send your application with your curriculum vitae and transcripts of records by email to hans.ehm(at)

Contact details

Hans Ehm
Infineon Technologies
Am Campeon 1-15
85579 Neubiberg
+49 (171) 5579219