The scientific qualification and training of the next generation of quantum experts in natural and computer sciences as well as engineering are an essential part of the Munich Quantum Valley activities and complement the scientific and technological initiatives. This includes the recruitment of top researchers and developers, the training and re-education of skilled employees in industry, as well as targeted outreach activities to engage with the public on the opportunities of the scientific and technological revolution in the field of quantum science and technology.

At university level, Munich Quantum Valley offers a specialized Master's program in quantum science and technology, as well as a database for industry internships at Bavarian research institutes and industrial partners. PhD students can benefit from a Bavaria-wide doctoral fellowship program.

In close cooperation with the students laboratory PhotonLab of the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, Munich Quantum Valley develops new concepts and materials to teach quantum technology to pupils and organizes regular teacher training courses to establish quantum-computing know-how already on a high-school level.

With its public engagement activities, Munich Quantum Valley contributes to creating a basic understanding of quantum technologies and their benefits for society among the general public. Through dedicated, third-party funded projects with external partners, MQV aims to develop new tools and support its outreach activities.