Code of Conduct

The Munich Quantum Valley expects all scientists, guests, and partners to adhere to the following principles:

1. Our mission is to develop, operate and utilize competitive quantum computers as well as to establish a broad understanding of quantum technologies and their benefits for society. Munich Quantum Valley unites research capacities and technology-transfer power of major universities and key research organizations in Bavaria. Considering the diverse research interests of our scientists and engineers, we all jointly pursue our common goal to advance quantum computing into practical application.

2. We treat each other respectfully and do not tolerate discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, disability, religion or belief, age or sexual orientation or identity. Discrimination has no place in Munich Quantum Valley: neither in the labs, nor in workshops or the office. We believe science is a diverse endeavor: diversity provides new impulses, ideas, perspectives, and innovation.

3. We conduct our research and support the research of others with integrity and according to the highest scientific standards. We are committed to scientific integrity and abiding by good scientific practice. We value scientific quality over quantity. To monitor our progress and standards, we invite external experts (Scientific Advisory Board) regularly to evaluate the quality of our research and the state of our collaboration.

4. We discuss problems and implement solutions openly and respectfully; we communicate the principles and processes that underlie our actions and decisions. We are committed to providing a work environment where all employees feel valued and know they can address problems openly without fear of reprisal. When issues arise, we discuss them openly and respectfully to find a solution amenable to all parties.

5. We recognize the achievements of others, give credit where it is due and offer constructive feedback when necessary. Science and innovation de-pend on an open and constructive discourse in which new ideas can be freely exchanged and old wisdoms challenged. Thus, we discuss our research openly and criticize constructively. We give credit to those who help us with their ideas and criticism. We recognize that the people who support our scientists, the administration and the workshops are integral to the success of Munich Quantum Valley. We take pride in the achievements of everyone contributing to the mission of Munich Quantum Valley.

6. We support each other in achieving our goals by nurturing trust and cooperation and respecting individual capabilities and needs. We are aware that research is often highly competitive, and people can feel under pressure to produce results. Because of these circumstances, we are committed to being mindful of personal boundaries and contributing to a nurturing work environment based on trust and mutual respect.

7. We honor our responsibilities towards our colleagues, employees, the public, and the environ-ment in a supportive and sustainable manner. We are committed to supporting each other scientifically, in matters of leadership and mentoring, as well as career development. We are aware that our research is predominantly funded by the taxpayer and respect the boundary conditions of public funding. We pledge to conduct our research in an environmentally sustainable fashion whenever possible.

8. We communicate openly and transparently with each other and with the public. Scientific discoveries must be shared for them to be valued by the public. Since we are predominantly funded by the public, we see it as our obligation to inform the public openly and transparently about our research. We use many channels for our public outreach: newspapers, websites, social media, public lectures and educational programs.