Quantum Science & Technology Education in Bavaria (QST-EB)

QST-EB educates the next generation of researchers and users of quantum technologies and quantum computing in Bavaria. With a dedicated, interdisciplinary master's program in Quantum Science and Technology, the Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München and the Technical University of Munich join forces to systematically foster the next generation of quantum scientists. Starting already at the master’s level, selected students and doctoral candidates are supported through fellowships. Internships offered by industrial partners aim to bridge the gap between quantum science and industrial applications of quantum technologies.

To make quantum science and technology in Bavaria more visible for a broader public, QST-EB engages in a variety of outreach activities. With its presence at fairs and science festivals, MQV catches the interest of children and adults alike. With hands-on experiments in quantum science being set up as a "Quantenlabor", the MPQ PhotonLab will be extended with offers especially for high-school students.


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