Research areas

Essentially, a quantum computer, like any other computer, consists of the levels hardware, firmware, software and application level. The firmware translates the commands of the software into actions that can be executed by the hardware, while the application level represents the connection to the user.

First quantum computers have already been realized, for example, on the basis of superconducting quantum circuits. However, which hardware platform will ultimately provide the best basis for universal quantum computers has not yet been determined. Moreover, the different platforms each have their distinct advantages and might be better suited for specific applications.

Munich Quantum Valley research is therefore developing three of the most promising platforms in parallel in a globally unique approach. Since all three hardware platforms follow the same quantum physical laws, this approach provides the maximum of synergies in the joint further development of the levels above them.

In addition to the hardware platforms, members and partners of Munich Quantum Valley are active on all layers of a "full-stack" quantum-computer model, from the firmware to software and possible applications of quantum computers.

The individual research-area pages not only highlight core activities, but also closely associated projects.