Quantum Algorithms for Application, Cloud & Industry (QACI)

Applications investigated within the Quantum Algorithms for Application, Cloud & Industry (QACI) consortium are ranging from optimization tasks in commercial applications, simulation of quantum systems for chemical, pharmaceutical or battery research to quantum machine learning for fraud detection. Use-cases are identified together with industry partners from different fields such as Infineon, DATEV, Airbus, BMW, or Roche, taking part as associated partners in MQV-associated project proposals.

The focus will be on the implementation and evaluation of NISQ-compatible variational or kernel-based algorithms in order to identify a potential quantum advantage already on existing noisy hardware. For the underlying theory, the QACI consortium will work closely together with the THEQUCO consortium.

For development tools and processes the QACI consortium faces the challenge of making quantum software development as easy as possible for non-experts, while at the same time creating high-performance implementations of quantum algorithms as well as evaluation and verification tools tailored to specific use-cases. To that end, common core methods and data structures based on tensor networks and decision diagrams are developed, that facilitate use-case specific circuit optimization, automated problem analysis and initial concepts of trusted quantum computing.

Lastly, in close cooperation with the Q-DESSI consortium, a Bavarian Quantum Portal will be set up, providing access to remote, commercial quantum-computing hardware as well as a simulator portfolio.