In collaboration with external partners, both academic and industrial, Munich Quantum Valley (MQV) also actively contributes to third-party funded projects in the area of science communication and public engagement.

Highlight projects


The GALaQSci project brings the world of quantum technologies right into your hands! A team of professional game developers, quantum scientists, and physics educators are working closely together to create a smartphone game, in which the player needs to solve quantum technology riddles by effectively using features of quantum objects. The goal is to make the abstract and counterintuitive concepts of quantum technologies accessible and understandable to society through an immersive and educational experience.

GALaQSci is the first AI-based quantum game that provides a broad user base through a smartphone app and, through the augmented reality (AR) version, it offers an additional haptic, personalized access for schools, universities, museums, and science centers.

The project is a collaboration of quantum scientists and physics educators from the partner institutions: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Technical University of Munich, Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, the excellence cluster MCQST, and MQV.


The diverse formats and expertise of the network partners from research, industry and education create a combination of broad impact (museums, future dialogs) and in-depth impact (student labs, specialist expertise). All activities are aimed at addressing the challenges of communicating the application potential of quantum technologies (QT) with new approaches and bringing science, industry and society into dialog in order to share long-term perspectives for QTs. The close integration of the formats through cooperation between the various partners ensures that ideas, questions and suggestions are developed and reflected on from different perspectives across a broad target and stakeholder group, and that important impetus is provided for application developments: Quantum dreams (Quantenträume) come true!