The main goal of the research activities within Munich Quantum Valley is to develop and operate competitive quantum computers in Bavaria harnessing three of the most promising technology platforms – superconducting, neutral-atom, and trapped-ion qubit systems. In a unique holistic approach research and development follow a "full-stack" quantum-computer model through multidisciplinary consortia. Developing all layers parallely yields maximum of synergies.

While the consortia are funded directly by the Hightech Agenda Bavaria, the research activities also include associated projects funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Eurepoean Uninon. Research and development at suppliers and non-supported industry partners complements the fast growing network around Munich Quantum Valley fuerling the development of quantum technologies even beyond the borders of Bavaria.

Research areas

From the technical point of view the research within Munich Quantum Valley can be categorized into several main research areas. Closely associated projects are also listed under each research area.

Lighthouse Projects

While Munich is internationally recognized as a hot spot of quantum science there is advanced research in this field at other regions of Bavaria as well. To leverage this expertise and to foster a broad statewide development, the Free Staate of Bavaria has established so-called Lighthouse Projects within the framework of Munich Quantum Valley which are open to all Bavarian universities and research institutions.

The program covers the entire range of quantum science and technologies ranging from enabling technologies to theoretical foundations in the fields of quantum communication, quantum sensing and metrology to quantum simulation and quantum computing.

MQV will provide coordination and networking infrastructure to support the activities in a strategic and goal-oriented way.

As of now, 13 Lighthouse Projects have been granted either via the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Art (StMWK) or the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy (StMWi):

R&D Professorships

With Munich Quantum Valley as its epicenter, the Free State of Bavaria is already an internationally recognized top location for quantum science and technologies. In order to strengthen research and teaching in the quantum sciences at the Bavarian universities, Munich Quantum Valley promotes so-called research and development professorships.

Fueled by funds from the Hightech Agenda Bavaria this program not only strengthens the work on quantum technologies throughout Bavaria but also further broadens the basis to create the expertise and educate the future personnel to transform research results into marketable products.