The translation of scientific research into commercial products is a key challenge for the creation of a successful and thriving quantum ecosystem. Entrepreneurship plays a key role in overcoming this bottleneck. Within Munich Quantum Valley, founders and start-ups can find comprehensive support through the TUM Venture Lab Quantum, Munich's innovation center for quantum technologies.

Supporting local entrepreneurs

The Venture Lab Quantum offers services for local founders along four dimensions:

Education –Tailored educational programs at the intersection of quantum technology and entrepreneurship are offered to students and scientists across a wide range of experience levels.

Venturing – Early-stage founders are supported through holistic and domain-specific coaching, multiple incubation programs and advice with public funding grants and IP processes.

Spaces & Infrastructure – Dedicated office space and prototyping labs as well as access to institutional infrastructure will be available to selected teams within the TUM Venture Lab Quantum.

Events & Network – One key element helping founders on their journey is the Venture Lab’s close-knit network connecting them to industry partners, more mature start-ups, domain-experts and investors active in quantum technologies.

Attracting external entrepreneurs

The Venture Lab Quantum supports international quantum start-ups relocating to Munich and Bavaria through the Quantum Landing Pad. The Landing Pad supports start-ups throughout the entire process, from navigating local legal and tax requirements to accessing temporary office and lab space, and provides them with seamless access to the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Apply now for support from the Quantum Landing Pad through the program's website!

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Managing Director: Christopher Trummer


Start-ups within the Munich Quantum Valley ecosystem

Munich Quantum Instruments

At Munich Quantum Instruments, we develop state-of-the-art photonic quantum sensors that can be used for breakthrough discoveries and groundbreaking applications such as optical quantum computing, quantum sensing, deep-space optical communication or quantum communication. We are designing our sensors to enable the exploitation of quantum phenomena on an industrial scale. This means that we are building scalable, high-quality photonic quantum sensors for mass deployment, enabling everyone to benefit from the upcoming quantum revolution.


planqc is the first start-up to emerge from Munich Quantum Valley. In particular, planqc aims to bring the quantum computing demonstrators developed in the Neutral-atoms qubits projects TAQC and MUNIQC-Atoms to market.

As such, planqc's quantum computers store information in individual atoms – nature's best qubits. Quantum information is processed by arranging these qubits in highly scalable arrays and manipulating them with precisely controlled laser pulses. planqc’s unique combination of quantum technologies is the fastest way to scale to thousands of qubits, a prerequisite for industry-relevant quantum advantage.

planqc's founding team combines decades of international research on neutral-atom quantum technologies. Our quantum computers are built on the precision of the world’s best atomic clocks, the world’s best
quantum gas microscopes, and high-speed Rydberg gates.




Qlibri logo

Qlibri is a Munich-based start-up emerging from the field of quantum optics. We provide solutions to use the incredible power of optical micro-cavities to enhance light-matter interaction for ultra-sensitive absorption microscopy and quantum technologies.

Our novel microscope makes minuscule absorption of single nanoscale particles visible, which is not accessible otherwise. This enables scientists and developers in nanotechnology, material science, and life sciences to get new label-free insight into nanoscale objects down to the single-particle level and transform this into new applications.

Our Quantum-optics platform is a highly stable scanning micro-cavity system that can be operated in a closed-cycle cryostat to couple quantum systems to light. Our approach enables researchers to look at thousands of different quantum systems and create the next generation of quantum technologies.

Already before the start of MQV, Qlibri received the prestigeous EXIST Forschungstransfer start-up grant from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).



Quantum Diamonds

Quantum Diamonds is a Munich-based company specializing in the manufacturing of nitrogen-doped diamond material. We have developed atom-sized quantum sensors in diamonds, functioning under the hardest conditions. Our quantum sensing technology involves sensors which are solid-state qubits embedded within diamonds known as the nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center. We produce tailor-made, ready-to-use diamond material with certified properties, filling the demand for high-quality diamond material in research and industry. In addition, we provide services such as diamond characterization, annealing, and cleaning, as well as consulting and technical support with the design and integration of diamond-based sensing devices.