The translation of scientific research into commercial products is a key challenge for the creation of a successful and striving quantum ecosystem. Entrepreneurship plays a key role in overcoming this bottleneck. Within Munich Quantum Valley, founders and start-ups can find a comprehensive support through the TUM Venture Lab Quantum.

The TUM Venture Lab Quantum is Munich’s innovation center for quantum technologies and offers services along four dimensions:

  1. Education
    Tailored educational programs at the intersection of quantum tech and entrepreneurship are offered to students and scientists across a wide range of experience levels.
  2. Venturing
    Early-stage founders are supported through holistic and domain-specific coaching, multiple incubation programs and advice with public funding grants and IP processes.
  3. Spaces & Infrastructure
    Dedicated office spaces and prototyping labs as well as access to institutional infrastructure will be available to selected teams within the TUM Venture Lab Quantum.
  4. Events & Network
    One key element helping founders on their journey is the Venture Lab’s closely-knit network connecting them to industry partners, more mature start-ups, domain-experts and investors active in quantum technologies.

Furthermore, founders and start-ups willing to move to Munich can find support through the attached Quantum Landing Pad. The Quantum Landing Pad will provide help with the integration into the MQV ecosystem, finding initial office locations as well as with setting up a legal entity here in Bavaria.