For schools

In close cooperation with various partners, Munich Quantum Valley develops new concepts and materials for teaching students and regularly organizes training courses for teachers in order to anchor quantum technology know-how in schools.

Highlight projects

'QuantenLabor' @ MPQ PhotonLab

Since 2011, the PhotonLab has been the place to go for anyone who wants to learn about lasers, light and quantum physics. More than 2,000 visitors come here every year to find out more, and thanks to the expanded digital offering, the school lab brings its experiments right to the pupils' homes. The PhotonLab is a joint initiative of MPQ, LMU, MCQST and MQV. MQV supports the PhotonLab with personnel, the development of materials and the organization of workshops for teachers and has purchased a hands-on single-photon experiment. The latter is intended to further open up the PhotonLab's already broad range of quantum science activities.