Public engagement

Although no cell phone would work without the findings of quantum physics, quantum physics and quantum technologies are generally unknown to the general public, or at best known as mysterious and completely incomprehensible.

With targeted public engagement measures, the communication, education and public engagement team of Munich Quantum Valley helps to create a basic understanding of quantum technologies and their benefits for society among the general public.

This is achieved by participating in and organizing dialog formats such as exhibitions, events, and public lectures, as well as participating in trade fairs and professional events. Examples include the participation of Munich Quantum Valley in "FORSCHA" (Munich), the "Festival of the Future" at the Deutsches Museum (Munich), re:publica (Berlin) or the "World of Quantum" (Munich).

The aim is to transport the fascination that quantum technologies hold and to moderate the discussion of expectations, hopes and possible fears in a dialog with the public.

Selected upcoming public events

Festival der Zukunft 2023


We will be part of the Festival der Zukunft at Deutsches Museum in July!

Public lecture – „Lasst uns den Quantensprung wagen!“

To kick off our MQV Review Meeting in Eichstätt this year, Prof. Rudolf Gross will give a public evening lecture at the Altes Stadttheater Eichstätt on September 25, 2023.