MQV Office

Munich Quantum Valley (MQV) aims to develop and operate competitive quantum computers in Bavaria as well as establish a broad understanding of quantum technologies and its benefits for society.

It is the MQV Office that fosters and coordinates the collaboration of bright minds from leading research institutes in Bavaria and beyond with start-ups and key industrial players in the area of quantum technologies necessary to achieve these goals.

The office supports all members and partners in administrative tasks, fundraising and application processes, and gives everyone a unified voice in communication with the press, funders as well as the general public. Together with some of our members, education and outreach material for industrial partners as well as teachers and students is developed.


The directorate is responsible for the overall governance and strategic coordination of Munich Quantum Valley. It is also involved in the establishment of a center for quantum computing and quantum technology and in the development and formation of a Bavarian quantum ecosystem. It can be regarded as first point of contact for Munich Quantum Valley members, industrial partners, ministries, and funding agencies, also with respect to the Munich Quantum Valley Lighthouse Projects and R&D Professorships.

Scientific management

The scientific management overviews and accompanies the work of the Munich Quantum Valley consortia. It defines and controls the achievement of deliverables and milestones. To support a target-oriented research of the consortia, the scientific managers organize technical exchange meetings, as well as site-visits. This also ensures a close exchange between researchers and the MQV office in order to process the scientific information and prepare recommendations for the advisory board and ministries.

Project management

The project management supports the Munich Quantum Valley consortia. It is first point of contact for consortium leaders, PIs and project coordinators. The project managers consolidate all incoming scientific reports and monitor the cash outflow of the project funds. They process information and prepare reports and documentations in consultation with the scientific management and the directorate for the advisory board and ministries.

Communications, education & public engagement

An important task of Munich Quantum Valley is to create a broad public understanding of quantum technologies and their benefits for society. The communications, education & public engagement team therefore regularly reports on Munich Quantum Valley's research work, answers media inquiries, organizes information exchange events, and develops educational, social media, and online content for a wide variety of target groups.

Team & event management assistant

The team assistant acts as the first point of contact for external and internal inquiries. It assists the MQV directorate, and supports the organization of MQV conferences, workshops or seminars.