MQV Girls'Day 2023: A day as a quantum researcher


This year, Munich Quantum Valley is once again taking part in Girls'Day.

This year's Girls'Day program at Munich Quantum Valley is aimed at giving interested students an insight into the world of quantum computing. What are quanta, actually? And what are the effects that occur in quantum physics and that scientists would like to exploit for quantum computers, but which we can never observe in our everyday world? How does a cryostat work and what role do the elements nitrogen and helium play in it? Students will have the opportunity to get to the bottom of all these questions.

The highlight of the Girls'Day is the laboratory tour at the Walther-Meißner-Institute. There, the girls have the opportunity to take a look at the chemistry lab and the clean room, view chips with micro- and nanostructures under the microscope and see a real cryostat in the quantum computer lab.

Further information and registration (German only).

A recap of the event can be read here.