MQV Girls'Day 2024: A day as a quantum researcher at Fraunhofer EMFT

Fraunhofer EMFT

This year, Munich Quantum Valley is once again taking part in Girls' Day and, together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronics and Solid State Technology (EMFT), is giving a group of girls the opportunity to get to know careers in the field of quantum technologies.

At this year's Girls'Day, organized by Munich Quantum Valley together with the Fraunhofer EMFT, students can expect an exciting insight into the world of quantum computing.

What are the female researchers at EMFT working on when it comes to developing individual components for quantum computers? What are quanta actually? What are the effects that occur in quantum physics and that scientists want to exploit for quantum computers, but which we can never observe in our everyday world? Girls can find out this and more during the Girls'Day.

Further information and registration on the Girls'Day website [in German].

Further offers in the MQV network

As in previous years, numerous partners in the MQV network are also offering exciting Girls'Day programs this year.

  • The Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics takes girls into the spectacular world of laser research with laboratory tours and hands-on experiments in the PhotonLab. More information here [in German].
  • At the Girls'Day at Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ), girls can learn everything about computers – from their own laptops to supercomputers to quantum computers. More information here [in German].
  • The Munich Center for Quantum Science and Technology takes girls on an incredible journey into quantum land and invites them to experiment, tinker, marvel and be curious. More information here [in German].

A recap of the MQV-Girls'Day can be read here.