Applications of Quantum Computing Symposium: Potentials and Expectations

Together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Cognitive Systems (IKS), Munich Quantum Valley organized the symposium "Applications of Quantum Computing" in Garching on 10 and 11 July. Experts from industry and academic research were invited to discuss possible applications of quantum computing.

Quantum computing is considered a breakthrough technology with great potential in many industrial and academic fields. However, before quantum computing can find broader application, the question must first be answered as to what the most promising application areas are and what users can realistically expect from quantum computing. Both now and in the future. Furthermore, hurdles on the way to a practical quantum advantage have to be identified on the level of algorithms, as well as on the hardware and software side.

Presentations from industry and research

Over the course of two half days, around 100 participants were able to discuss these questions from various perspectives with experts from industry and research. About a dozen speakers from renowned institutes and companies gave presentations on the potential of quantum computing in various sectors, from the pharmaceutical industry to the energy sector and aerospace.

A poster session on Monday evening gave participants the opportunity to engage in more intensive direct discussions. On Tuesday the event was concluded with a lively panel discussion.

The complete program with all speakers and presentations can be found at