Lighthouse project Bench-QC: Searching for the quantum advantage in industrial applications

The Bench-QC lighthouse project aims to find out when quantum computers deliver better results than classical high-performance computers. The joint project is funded through the Hightech Agenda by the Free State of Bavaria until the end of 2025 as part of the Munich Quantum Valley (MQV).

In the project "Application-driven benchmarking of quantum computers", or Bench-QC for short, the Fraunhofer Institutes for Integrated Circuits (IIS) and for Cognitive Systems (IKS) are joining forces with four industrial partners, BMW, Quantinuum, Reply and OptWare. Together, they want to find out when and for which applications quantum computing can offer an advantage over classical high-performance computing. Their focus is on possible industrial applications.

On the industry side, there is interest in quantum computing for accelerating specific computing operations and improving the performance of processes, especially in the automotive and pharmaceutical industries. Academically, the focus of Bench-QC is on quantum algorithms and quantum machine learning. 

By focusing on applications, the research within Bench-QC is intended to complement the existing research activities in Munich Quantum Valley with the main goal of developing and operating quantum computers in Bavaria.

Read the whole press release on the Fraunhofer IKS website [in German].