Lighthouse Project QuMeCo – research at the interface between physics and electrical engineering

Funded by the Free State of Bavaria as part of Munich Quantum Valley (MQV), QuMeCo is set to explore new and better measurement and control methods for quantum systems and took up its work at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) beginning of January.

Quantum technologies and their application in computers, sensors, and communications rely on the ability to control and read out individual quantum objects without disturbing the fragile quantum-mechanical coherence. Across platforms, there is a need for all applications of quantum technology to explore new and better measurement and control methods that both address the increasing complexity, size, and quality of quantum systems and generate new functionalities – for example, in the areas of error correction, sensing, and imaging. The lighthouse project QuMeCo, short for "Quantum Measurement and Control for the Enablement of Quantum Computing and Quantum Sensing", addresses precisely this central challenge and makes a decisive contribution to the realization of future quantum technologies with interdisciplinary research at the interface between physics and electrical engineering. QuMeCo combines theoretical and experimental expertise and bundles this broad spectrum of scientific currents in a highly competent collaboration.

For imaging and sensory applications, ultrafast photodetectors and sources of single entangled photons are to be developed in particular. Furthermore, faster and improved measurement methods for superconducting qubits will be developed, especially with respect to quantum error correction. In the area of quantum control, QuMeCo will investigate how machine learning can be used to manipulate quantum systems in real time. In addition, electronic circuits and devices will be developed that allow multiplexing in frequency and time and thus can make a crucial contribution to the scalability of future quantum computers.

The research within QuMeCo goes hand in hand with existing research activities within the MQV consortia and complements the overall effort to develop, operate and provide access to quantum computers in Bavaria.

The FAU project announcement can be found here.