Quantum-optics start-up Qlibri selected for prestigious European Innovation Council Transition grant

Earlier this month, the European Innovation Council (EIC) announced that Qlibri's QlibriNANO, the world's most sensitive absorption microscope, is among the projects selected to receive a grant of up to €2.5 million.


MQV ecosystem start-up Qlibri is developing QlibriNANO, the world's most sensitive absorption microscope, to enable customers to detect, image, characterize, understand and develop nanoscale matter at a new level. Through its unique combination of fast and ultrasensitive hyperspectral imaging, QlibriNANO provides access to a previously inaccessible range of information relevant to research areas such as nanoparticles, optical coatings and thin films, to name a few.

Founded in 2022, Qlibri is based in Munich and has its origins in research groups at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, the LMU Munich and the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics in Garching. Its four founders set out to provide a quantum-optics platform for sampling thousands of inhomogeneous nanosystems in a single run, with the ability to perform quantum-optics experiments on every single one of them, as well as to develop highly reflective microscopic fiber-based cavity mirrors and the aforementioned ultra-sensitive absorption microscope.

Learn more about Qlibri on their website and read the EIC announcement here.