2024 Munich Quantum Software Forum


Connecting the "who’s who" in quantum computing software

Quantum computing is becoming a reality and with recent accomplishments, software for this promising technology is becoming key for successful utilization. Numerous players introduce new software solutions frequently.

MQV members at Technical University of Munich organize the Munich Quantum Software Forum, which aims to bring together the "who’s who" in quantum computing software. After a successful first edition in October 2023, the forum enters its second round this year, with pitches, panels, discussions, and exchanges on

  • Quantum Software Tools,
  • Quantum Software Stacks,
  • Standards (e.g., QIR vs. QASM), and more.

Please find all the details at: https://www.cda.cit.tum.de/research/quantum/2024_mqsf_announcement

The poster registration deadline is 15 August 2024.