MQV Colloquium: Hans Adel and Jonathan Finley

The MQV Colloquia feature interdisciplinary talks given by local as well as invited international experts. The colloquia, which are accessible to a worldwide audience via videoconference, cover all aspects of quantum technologies, with a focus on MQV research activities. The goal of the series is to establish and strengthen connections with quantum-technology experts worldwide and to provide a platform for education and scientific exchange for and with the local quantum ecosystem.

"Overview of emerging technologies: atomic thin 2D semiconductor films, especially defects that can be used as quantum light sources and spin-photon interfaces"

Jonathan Finley – Technical University of Munich (TUM) and Walter Schottky Institute (WSI)

"Overview Electromagnetic Simulations: Models at cryo temperatures for flexlines, PCBs, packages and shielding structure: Model of experiment"

Hans Adel – Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIS)

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