Quantum Computing meets Quantum Chemistry


Institute for Advanced Study

Munich Quantum Valley hosts a symposium which aims to bring together researchers and industry representatives from Europe and the United States to discuss the state of the art in quantum chemistry algorithms and to provide a critical overview of their potential applications on quantum computers.

The goal of the symposium is to assess activities in the field and provide a clear and realistic overview of the vision for quantum computing and ongoing research efforts. It will consist of a series of 40-minute speeches, talks, and discussions by the following speakers:

• Alán Aspuru-Guzik | University of Toronto | Zapata Computing
• Ryan Babbush | Google
• Francesco Evangelista | Emory University
• Giulia Galli | University of Chicago
• Christian Gogolin | Covestro AG
• Martin Head-Gordon | University of California, Berkeley
• Michael Marthaler | HQS Quantum Simulations
• Kristel Michielsen | Forschungszentrum Juelich
• Mario Motta | IBM Research
• Markus Reiher | ETH Zurich
• Ivano Tavernelli | IBM Zurich
• Matthias Troyer | Microsoft


June 14 – Day One

2.20-3.00pm Francesco Evangelista

3.00-3.40pm Christian Gogolin

3.40-4.20pm Ivano Tavernelli

4.20-5.00pm BREAK

5.00-5.40pm Matthias Troyer

5.40-6.20pm Ryan Babbush


June 15 – Day Two

2.40-3.20pm Michael Marthaler

3.20-4.00pm Giulia Galli

4.00-4.30pm BREAK

4.30-5.10pm Kristel Michielsen

5.10-5.50pm Martin Head-Gordon

5.50-6.30pm Mario Motta

6.30-7.00pm Closing session and wrap up


The symposium is from 2pm to 7pm (CET) on Tuesday, June 14 and Wednesday, June 15, 2022 at TUM-IAS in Garching. Please note: There were minor changes in the schedule.

Download Agenda Day 1

Download Agenda Day 2

Download Abstracts of the event

This will be a hybrid meeting that supports lively interaction among participants in person, online, or via chat.

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