Workshop on Integrating High-Performance and Quantum Computing 2023

Members of Munich Quantum Valley are co-organizing the third International Workshop on Integrating High-Performance and Quantum Computing (WIHPQC 2023) at IEEE Quantum Week in Bellevue, Washington, USA.

Quantum computers, QCs, come with the promise of a substantial increase in computational capabilities compared to binary computer architectures for a range of suitable problems. They therefore have the ability to make significant contributions to the field of High-Performance Computing, HPC. On the other hand, though, quantum computing alone cannot achieve this goal, as it requires current and future HPC systems to function. As a consequence, we need a close integration between the quantum computing and the current HPC ecosystems, to form an integrated HPC/QC approach capable of bringing the combined computational abilities to a broad user base.

MQV-members and Co-Chairs Laura Schulz (Leibniz Supercomputing Center) and Martin Schulz (TU Munich) along with Sven Karlsson (Technical University Denmark) bring together practitioners, theoreticians and users from HPC, QC and the application disciplines, to understand the needs and requirements from both sides for such an integration, to report on and discuss innovative approaches and to build a long-term bridge between the involved communities.

The workshop will be held 20 September at IEEE Quantum Week in Bellevue, Washington, USA.

Call for Papers

The committee invites high-quality short paper submissions on all topics related to integrating QC into the existing binary computing eco-system, with a particular focus on combining HPC and QC. We explicitly encourage submissions at all levels of the system stack, ranging from hardware integration to programming models and environments, from system software to theoretical foundations, as well as covering hybrid applications.

Submission deadline is 5 July 2023.

For more information and paper submission please visit