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Ready to make your contribution to quantum simulation? At Quantinuum Germany we develop tools for quantum computers to simulate the next generation of materials. During an internship in our Munich office, you can get your hands dirty!

At Quantinuum Germany, we make quantum simulation useful. In your internship, you can experience first-hand what it is like to make  contributions to this exploding field.

As a Research intern you are given a subproblem of a larger project that the group is working on. Your will work with a supervisor on a piece of work that can be published. Most projects involve the theory of new quantum algorithms, their implementation both on classical simulators and on real quantum hardware as well as the data analysis of the results. As a Development intern, you will implement a set of features that has been invented in the group or elsewhere into our codebase. A mixture of both Research & Development is possible.

Depending on your project, you should either have a good understanding of condensed matter physics or quantum chemistry as well as the gate
model of quantum computation, or experience in software development in Python.

In your time at Quantinuum Germany, you will not only make a contribution to your own project, but also get an overview of the cutting-edge research from your colleagues. We are committed to Deep Work and put processes in place that allow all of our people large chunks of uninterrupted focus every day.

Please include in your application your CV, pointing towards any relevant projects, grades for relevant university courses as well as a short cover

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Henrik Dreyer,
Cambridge Quantum Deutschland
Leopoldstrasse 180, 80804 Munich