qutools GmbH – Testing a QRNG (m/f/d)

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Are you interested in embedded software and its application in quantum technologies? Then join our team and work on the development of a generic testing apparatus for (quantum) random number generators.

We at qutools are excited about quantum physics and we want to share this fascination with the world. The purpose of our activity is to enable the better understanding of quantum physics, on one hand, and advancing technology through this understanding, on the other hand. One of the first products of qutools was the quRNG and our expertise in the charcterization of RNG-sources is currently needed by researchers in various fields.

During your internship with us you will support us in the development of a generic testing environment for (quantum) random number generators, QRNGs. The task includes testing and characterizing diefferent (Q)RNG setups for degree of randomness using correlations, Fourier transforms and other methods.

Our requirements for you are:

  • to be fascinated about quantum technology;
  • to have some experience in prefereably more than one of these development tools: Qt, Python, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Javascript or PHP
  • to have a fondness for algorithms and statistics;
  • to have a critical mindset and a friendly way to express criticism.

Your application should contain a CV and a short letter of motivation.

Contact details

Slava Tzanova
qutools GmbH
Kistlerhofstr. 70 (Geb. 88)
81379 München