MQV as a central building block in Bavaria's future strategy

At this week's meeting of the Bavarian Cabinet on science and future technologies, Munich Quantum Valley (MQV) was highlighted as one of the central pillars of Bavaria's strategy for the future.

Quantum computing is one of the central key technologies for shaping the future in Bavaria and worldwide. With MQV, Bavaria is already excellently positioned in this global competition and the Bavarian state government wants to "further accelerate this success story [...] and thus further expand [MQV's] position as a globally recognized center of excellence for quantum sciences and technologies."

Through flexible, fast and targeted funding, the overall scientific management and thus MQV as a whole will become even more effective and powerful.

We are delighted to have the support of the Bavarian State Government and are happy to take on the challenges for the further development of quantum technologies in Bavaria.

Read the complete press release of the Bavarian State Government here [in German].