Quantum Landing Pad launched to help international quantum start-ups establish themselves in Munich/Bavaria

In an exciting development for the quantum technology sector in Munich and Bavaria, Munich Quantum Valley, Invest in Bavaria and TUM Venture Lab Quantum jointly launch the Quantum Landing Pad.

The Quantum Landing Pad aims to help international quantum start-ups establish a presence in Munich and Bavaria, provide them with seamless access to the local entrepreneurial ecosystem, and in turn further strengthen Munich and Bavaria's position as a leading global hub for quantum technology.

As part of the initiative, start-ups will receive comprehensive support throughout their relocation process – from exploring opportunities in Munich/Bavaria, to navigating local legal and tax requirements, to accessing temporary office and lab space. As a result, the local quantum and startup community will be strengthened through increased interaction and collaboration among an ever-growing number of companies.

Start-ups that take advantage of this opportunity will benefit from the region's unparalleled opportunities. In addition to a thriving quantum ecosystem, the region also supports tangible business prospects within the quantum space, with many global companies headquartered in and around Munich pursuing quantum use cases. In addition, the region offers access to world-class talents from Bavaria's leading universities and research institutions.

Start-ups are invited to apply for support from the Quantum Landing Pad through the program's website: https://www.tum-venture-labs.de/education/landing-pad/.