Quantum-sensing start-up QuantumDiamonds secures 7 million euros in seed capital

Earlier this week, MQV ecosystem start-up QuantumDiamonds announced a very successful 7 million euro seed funding round led by IQ Capital and Earlybird.

QuantumDiamonds develops sensors that enable non-destructive imaging of nanoscale magnetic fields and are used in various industries such as semiconductor manufacturing and medical diagnostics.

Founded in 2022 by three PhD students at the Technical University of Munich, QuantumDiamonds manufactures its core technology using defects in synthetic diamonds known as nitrogen-vacancy centers. These defects can be manipulated to detect and measure physical quantities with extreme precision. This method opens up a previously unexplored area of sensor technology and enables highly sensitive measurements at the atomic and molecular level.

IQ Capital, Earlybird, Onsight Ventures, First Momentum, Creator Fund and UnternehmerTUM have invested a total of 3 million euros and 4 million euros will be provided as funding by the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator and the Free State of Bavaria.