Quantum Computing meets Cyber Security: Lively Exchange at Symposium in Garching

On Friday, 12 May, the symposium "Quantum Computing meets Cyber Security" took place in Garching. Munich Quantum Valley together with the University of the Bundeswehr Munich (UniBW) and the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) invited experts to discuss cyber risks in the age of quantum computers.

Quantum computers are supposed to be able to solve problems that go far beyond the capabilities of current classical computers. However, the new possibilities are also accompanied by new risks with regard to the security of communication and information processing. Potential cyber attacks with the help of quantum technologies must therefore already be considered during their development.

Packed program: lectures and discussions with an interdisciplinary perspective

In a total of eleven presentations, speakers addressed cybersecurity issues and the threat posed by and defense against quantum-based cyber attacks from a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives. These included contributions from computer scientists, mathematicians, cyber security experts and quantum physicists.

Applications from the field of quantum cryptography, which aims to provide technologies for secure communication, were discussed by the approximately 100 participants, as were questions of post-quantum cryptography and the need for "security-by-design" hardware. All participants agreed that close collaboration among the various disciplines is necessary for a secure quantum infrastructure.

Lively exchange and networking

The breaks in the program were also used productively by the participants. With coffee in hand, discussions continued straight away, new contacts were made for future collaborations, and old acquaintances were refreshed.

You can view the entire program with all speakers and talks here: https://indico.munich-quantum-valley.de/e/QCmeetsCS