Munich Quantum Software Forum


MQV members at Technical University of Munich organize this event, aiming to connect the "who’s who" in quantum computing software to their end-users.

Quantum computing is becoming a reality and, with recent accomplishments, software for this promising technology is becoming key for successful utilization. Numerous players introduce new software solutions frequently. The Munich Quantum Software Forum aims to bring the "who’s who" in quantum computing software together and connect them to their end-users.

The forum features renowned representatives from academia and industry who present existing software tools as well as recent developments, including:

  • Leon Stok (IBM) covering Qiskit
  • Austin Fowler (Google) covering Cirq
  • Mathias Soeken (Microsoft) covering Azure Quantum
  • Eric Kessler (Amazon) covering Amazon Braket
  • Ross Duncan (Quantinuum) covering TKET
  • Nir Minerbi and/or Yehuda Naveh covering the Classiq platform
  • Fred Chong (UChicago) covering the ColdQuanta platform
  • Costin Iancu (Berkeley) covering BSQKit
  • Ivana Kurečić (Xanadu) covering PennyLane
  • Laura Schulz (LRZ) covering the Munich Quantum Ecosystem

Please find all the details and the registration link at:

The poster registration deadline is 15 August 2023.