Quantum Days at the Science Communication Lab


Prof. Steffen Glaser and his group will be part of the event at Deutsches Museum to inform visitors about the basic principles, possible applications and the current state of research in quantum technologies.

Within the MQV consortium Hardware Adapted Theory (HAT), Prof. Steffen Glaser (TUM) as consortium speaker and his colleagues provide theory support for the experimental groups within MQV, including the numerical modeling of hardware to help in the development of novel hardware generations.

During the Quantum Days at the Science Communication Lab at Deutsches Museum, he and his team will introduce visitors to the basics of quantum information processing and its development: What is special about quantum computers?  What is the basis for the performance of quantum computers? What is the difference between a bit and a qubit? What is entanglement? Where does the development of quantum computers stand?

Find all the details and the program at https://www.deutsches-museum.de/museumsinsel/programm/veranstaltung/quantentage-im-scl.